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Release 5.2.86 November 15, 2023 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Browse dealer units

Added a new mechanism to add icons to floor units. These icon as appear next to new/ used unit status on dealership units screen.

This can be used however you like. e.g. signal to your sales staff which units you want them to prioritise for moving

Other tweaks and fixes

  • Orderbook : add a find previous button
  • New Job screen : resize date input fields like promise date so that they are big enough to display full date inputted.
  • Browse Received orders : would throw annoying DB fetch errors for receivals where clerk code is missing; now just display no clerk result.
  • Web order freight: option to apply rules based on Australian state.  So can price freight differently for interstate, or target specific states.
  • Business Analytics Reports : Honda Opt2ma report was not updated to work with v5.1/v5.2 of c9; now fixed
  • Print & reprint receipts for AR / AP txns : new option to save as PDF; similar to save as pdf for spares sales
  • Payroll changes
    • Employment types : can now configure long service leave payout and prorata dates
    • Leave Liability report : uses above lsl settings to fine tune liability figures to separate long service into claimable LSL, lsl which needs to be paid out on resignation and LSL which employee cannot currently use at all
    • Modify staff screen : make it explicit that tax free threshold only applies for residents
Release 5.2.85 November 9, 2023 barney

This version of c9 fixes a serious issue with deposit processing and pc-eftpos / tyro integration.

Specifically anything that adds or removes additional deposit when integrated into pc-eftpos or Tyro.

Such txns will fail with a No TxnHead! error and not save the txn in c9.

The workaround is to redo txn as cash then in business -> activity rewrite the payment method as eftpos

Other tweaks:

  • Tillpay debit txn tweaks
  • unit cost formula, access asking price inclusive (askingpriceinc)
SA Stamp duty formula November 6, 2023 barney

Non commercial only:


Restatement of formula from website

  • Minimum $5
  • duty value <=1000 : $1 for every $100 or part thereof
  • Duty value <=2000 : $10 + $2 for every $100 or part thereof over 1000
  • Duty value <=3000 : $30 + $3 for every $100 or part thereof over 2000
  • Otherwise : $60 + $4 for every $100 or part thereof over 3000

Restatement / Refactor to simplify the math

  • Round duty up to nearest $100
  • duty value <=500 : $5
  • duty value <=1000 : $1 for every $100
  • Duty value <=2000 : $2 for every $100 - $10
  • Duty value <=3000 : $3 for every $100 - $30
  • Otherwise : $4 for every $100 - $60