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Direct Debit Request Forms

C9 Direct Debit Request Forms

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AusPOST Shipping Tracking platform system status

Terminals, Backup and Restore

How to create a backup How to add a new terminal How to move the server database (For IT pros only) How to restore from a backup file (Always call C9 first before considering doing this!) Automated Online Backups Tyro Referral Form

Fixing Common Problems

Fixing Common Problems

Internet, Remote Access and Websites

Website Categories Website Content Model Range page Spec Sheets Search Engine Optimisation Accessing C9 Remotely

Common Complex Tasks

Importing a price file Importing Fiche Diagrams from another dealer Miner Basics and Recipes Emailing all customers Ordering Spares

Exporting Orders to suppliers electronically

Unit Deals Configure c9 to use your mail server


Keyboard vs Mouse Unit Profit report for a single franchise Running C9 with Increased memory