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Release 5.2.91 January 19, 2024 barney

Includes DB Changes you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Giftcards Partial usage recent changes to gift cards to deal with reused cards introduced a new bug. For partially used giftcards the used value would not refresh correctly. Underlying mechanisms that track giftcard usage are unaffected but presented results on screen are wrong. Now fixed.
  • Workshop Scheduler Another bug found ; if you enter a leave record and leave record expires on current date schedule would incorrectly ignore the leave record assuming it no longer applies. Now fixed
  • BRP EPC importer. Now working for 2024 jetskis. BRP have organised their models in 2024 differently, in a way that breaks original importer.


Release 5.2.90 January 17, 2024 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Tweaks and fixes

  • Notional GST rules on unit purchases. There was a slight variation between two different systems in c9 on how this is computed. Actual unit sale applies notional gst when purchase unit is either equal to or greater than $300. But auto adjust code which is mainly concerned with aligning GL with inventory changes; is also responsible for validating pending notional GST is correct; was coded that notional gst didn't apply for purchases of exactly $300. Result was a purchase of exactly $300 auto adjust would try to rewrite GL causing reconciliation warnings if during course of the day a $300 purchase was made. Fix is align on consistent behaviour, notional GST is strictly equal to or greater than $300.
  • Workshop Scheduler Behaviour bugfix. A subtle bug in scheduler. If you have a locked event timed to occur before a delayed/movable event and leading into that locked event is an availability gap the scheduler would go haywire and incorrectly schedule the locked event to happen when the delayed event is to occur instead of at its correctly designated time.  Captured scenario in automated testing and repairs made.
  • Finance Settlement. The finance settlement button was not intended to be pressed more than once but seems to occasionally happen for a small number of dealers; often causing issues that require support intervention. Tweaks here:
    • Only accessible where there is outstanding floorplan owing; previously would permissively allow you to enter it if floorplan was settled
    • Only accessible if any existing DOF rebate is not already invoiced; if so assume finance has already been settled
    • To cope with historical issues with duplicated txns on finance provider, allow these txns to be flagged as deleted if underlying rebate/curtailment lines were deleted
    • Intuitively kind of makes sense to press settlement twice if you need to refine a prior settlement; but isn't how screen actually works. Can look at revising this behaviour; but such work is best left until after v5.5

Self Service Sender ID registration

As previously alerted new telco industry practices have been rapidly rolling in to combat large uptick of SMS fraud in 2023. Our SMS provider have implemented further industry standards and provided us with some mechanisms to help automate some of this. Now in c9 you can self service changing sender ID for c9 sent SMS messages. The Magician / SMS screen has changed. Changes themselves should be self explanatory. Screen grab below:


Release 5.2.89 January 10, 2024 barney

Includes DB changes, you need to log all terminals out during update

Tweaks and fixes

  • Add new EPC import for Suzuki : will import fiche from hosted Suzuki API which provides older model data. You'll need a valid API key from Suzuki
  • Weekly planner, when planning on basis of receive date, when creating new jobs set the job start date to receive date being planned. Previously would set start date to today
  • C9 account alert window tweaks. Make it more obvious what nature of alert is by setting window title appropriately (e.g. old version of c9 vs overdue account)
  • TillPay integration bugfix : was checking for wrong setting to see if system was live or not. Now fixed
  • EPC import : added Lambretta (Mojo) option
  • Modify debtor / creditor txn. include option to change contact txn applies to, to more easily deal with scenario where a txn is logged to wrong contact
  • Shopify, update API version as previous implemented version is now deprecated
  • Unit sale tweak, sale record clear the trust provider. So it doens't come back around when unit is purchased back.
  • Unit sale invoices : print registered owner details if set
  • Giftcard changes to better cope with reused card. Original giftcard design allowed for a used giftcard to be reissued. This design didn't quite come across in v5.1. It sort of worked in that you could reissue a giftcard with same reference but you could never fully spend that second card. Generally you really don't want to reissue card numbers for reasons that should be reasonably obvious, but in case there is a genuine need for it, the functionality is now working again in full
    • Fixed above described issue
    • Made some changes for online giftcards so that online card check is reissued card aware : previously wan't and could incorrectly report a reissued card as used

Low level TxnEngine changes : mostly non functional and work is in play for v5.3. Main item of interest is replacing initial Amortizer with QuantizedAmortizer. Amortization is concerned with how to spread tallied tax and discount across multiple lines factoring in rounding issues. Original implementation did rounded ratios then algorithmically fiddled with residual. QuantizedAmortizer is a faster and better algorithm, in that it is easier to reason about its results. Needed in v5.3 to reimplement amortizing of price changes on received spares in.