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Release 5.2.105 July 9, 2024 barney

Tillpayments terminal audit and error handling

This version includes a fix with tillpayments terminal integration.  c9 is supposed to permanently log a record of eft interactions for future reference but certain operations cause this log to be destroyed. Common one is a failed /declined txn and operator then picks manual txn. Now fixed.

further the manual option is pretty brutal in its behaviour and often the incorrect option to pick : so pop an alert to confirm this is what operator really wants to do.

Finally when a txn is declined failed etc, log it as failed not OK. Otherwise output in eft journal screen is confusing.

Other Tweaks and fixes

  • Magician checks
    • Kawasaki  : make sure results displayed are for AU warehouse only : not combined AU+NZ warehouse
    • Link  : working again
    • Triumph  : working again
  • Workshop deposits : modify job and deposit tweak was not providing option to use customer deposits. Now fixed