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Release 5.2.95 February 22, 2024 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Payout / Add Floorplan : disallow access to this screen if underlying unit is not on floorplan. Was possible to open this screen on a used unit for example and force in a trust receipt. Also disallow clearing out the TR as this has other functional impacts.
  • Remote Support : updated version of Anydesk bundled with c9 as anydesk have advised us existing version will shortly no longer work. Website static links already updated
  • Receive parts : print invoice $ tallies to help out with loose, manual data entry processes on receive not matching what backoffice needs to track
  • Floorplan report : newly added sort by TR date option was implemented incorrectly. With this mode selected units would duplicate on report. Now fixed.
  • Magician updates

    • Removed MCS as MCS web changes make magician query impossible
    • Removed Fox Racing as Fox Racing web changes make magician query impossible
  • Workshop pricing tools: add option to price at retail + X%
  • Unit purchase: on costs tab show some unit particulars which might need to be transferred into liability lines added for encumbered purchases
  • Unit Sale Tax Invoices : for invoices with multiple units and on road costs, prefix the on road cost entries so it is obvious which cost is for which unit
  • General Ledger:  Added some additional capital asset codes to fine tune management of capital assets
  • Remittance advise: bottom of invoices is remit advise. Recent changes restructured how this is handled. A bug in code was pumping non-functional errors into application logs. Didn't cause any issues for c9 but made application log files messy. Now tidied.
  • Bulk Payment : option to print selected txns.
  • Web forms: option to configure a recipient target. So different forms goto different web addresses. e.g. 'service' or 'sales' etc.