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Release 5.2.96 March 13, 2024 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Remittance advice
    • Newly added account name field only allowed 20 characters in setup screen. Increased this to something more useful
    • Statement bugfix : if cheques was disabled, entire remit advise would not print, including EFT/bank details. Now fixed
  • Browse Dealer units. The screen was excessively slow for one dealer; taking about 1 second to update screen. Remotely fixed but noticed that database performance for this screen is complex and brittle. Made some modest improvements here with this version and basic testing shows a refresh should typically take about 5-20 milliseconds now. There is more scope to improve underlying database activity but work involved is non trivial and will likely require a DB schema update so will leave as is for now.
  • Fiche Import - Added ability to import MV Agusta from KTM dealer portal.  Made some changes to importer which may improve results for importing other KTM group brands. (better de-duplication of units and catalogues within a unit)
  • Part Image Import (KTM) - bugfix with parts with multiple images : would import last image only meaning things like helmets and jackets only the back facing image would be imported; not principal image. Tweaked to import all images.
  • Manual Backup - Manual backup creation may fail to identify and backup database sequences precisely. Fixed in this version. This issue does not impact online backup service which is what we use exclusively to recover from failed dealer equipment where the onsite database is lost.  Fix is for sake of completeness and redundancy as manual backup system is now historical and no longer in active use; also manual backup has some ongoing internal utility for our own dev systems. Existing manual backups will be fine, except their sequences may be uninitialised and will require manual initialisation after a restore.
  • Honda op2ma reporting - Reworked these analytics/KPI reports from new requirements from Honda + Op2ma. Access via business -> reports -> analytics/KPI