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Release 5.2.97 April 8, 2024 barney

Includes database changes, you'll need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Tweaks and fixes

  • bulk unit labels broken, and likely broken for a while but rarely used so only noticed now. Now fixed
  • Manual Journal Error With some exotic scenarios, manual journal posting would error and blank out posting forcing you to rekey the journal. Root cause is txn error would inappropriately blank out txn particulars. Looks like an early v5.1 design decision which doesn't fit in with long term design goals with v5. Now realigned.
  • Order Receive change retail Also flag retail held flag whenever this happens
  • Network error and jobs an exotic scenario at a dealer where a terminal network glitch resulted in underlying job being partially trashed. Added some guards to prevent this (job recompute would write back a blank job card if the original job card fetch from database failed due to network issue)
  • Browse dealer screens : still unacceptably slow on my test system at least.  Further performance improvements to database query. Also added a missing primary key index on current unit materialised table which may provide performance boosts across the board for various screens
  • Spares Variance Report: In stocktake only filter was not picking up freeform stocktake results. Now tweaked
  • Cash till detailed report : alter constraints on txn listing that feed this report.  Previously report could show things like bill payments and/or other txns with banking involvement. Generally this isn't necessary for finding till errors and potentially exposes information with inappropriate users. This report now strictly reports following only:
    • Txns involving payments using one of the main payment methods  (including no cash).
    • Txns tagged as sales or refunds
    • Txns touching A/R, deposits or giftcard journal codes
    • Other tweaks
      • display giftcard # when payment is with giftcard,
      • expand size of instrument slightly to better accomodate long gl code names, .e.g. like 'Accounts Receivable'
  • Payment selection : hotkey tweaks
    • Add hotkey for [B]ank
    • Remove [N]o cash collected hotkey as part of discouraging usage of this legacy payment method
    • Hot keys for Giftward, Bank and Multi Payment are now provisional on hotkey not being configured for any of the main payment methods
    • Fixed bank selector focus, would highlight the 'show loan banks' button on open, want it to highlight banks themselves
  • General Ledger 
    • new liability chart code for GST Adjustments added. Impacts balance sheet only
    • Fix long standing typo : rename gl code 2-6100 from "Supplier AR" to "Supplier AP"
  • Adjust Balances newly designed so it provides finer grained control over rationalising AR/AP and deposits on a single contact.
    • Adjust balances screen now shows all contacts where they have more than one non-zero balance, previous logic was much more constrained so would not display contacts which might be legitimate/interesting rationalisation targets
    • Balance correction gives you option what you want to rationalise to : either AR, AP or Deposit.
    • Correction is now accessible for view transactions screen irrespective of whether or not there are multiple non zero balances. Which will allow you to move balance in full to a different type.
    • Rationalisations can be modified just normal AR/AP/Deposit postings
    • New screen design: below example operator has selected rationalising to Deposits: