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Release 5.2.98 April 29, 2024 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Giftcards - would not work for txns backdated to a date before giftcard was issued. Now fixed. (workaround is to modify date of issued giftcard in business activity).
  • Mojo  Magician check - working again. Changes on mojo server broke things.
  • Supplier Returns - option to print full list of parts pending return
  • AR Credit / Debit note - wording on a4 printout is backwards. Now fixed
  • Pierer New Mobility integration - add magician check and part image importing
  • Receive Print Labels - include receival date in the invoice# line
  • Bank Rec - Clerk would show blank on main reconciliation screen. Now fixed.
  • Triumph EPC Import - Looks like Triumph changed their dealer portal. Rewritten to work with new website
  • Till Pay / Paypal & Deposits : allow capture for both tillpay & paypal for deposit adding on web orders to compliment refunding.  normally unnecessary but there may be some exotic scenarios where this is useful. (e.g. failed to do initial deposit capture when the order was originally processed)
  • Receive into stock : there is an exotic behaviour in c9 from 6 years ago when trying to deal with KTM branded products to allow receival from one franchise (e.g. HQV) to feed into stocking for another (e.g. KTM). There is a subtle logic defect in this code. If Franch A feeds into franch B, if Franch C receival matches A and B parts then franch C receival will incorrectly receive into B too even though it isn't explicitly configured to route to an alt franchise on receive.  Fixed. Note that this alt receival behaviour isn't actually that good / useful and will be removed in v5.3 entirely But for sake of making it work the way it should at least, it is now fixed.
  • Bulk Magician check : if you bulk magician check a full order; then filter result to unfulfillable items and try and move those parts. System would move incorrect parts. Useful function for Honda Dealers and honda weird stock/daily order business rules.  (Root cause; c9 was indexing records in unfiltered list, using indexes from filtered list, meaning it was grabbing wrong part)
  • Clerk report : this report is mostly old & unmaintained, superceded by profit summary report but fixed a couple of really obvious issues with it : spares tally incorrectly tallying reserves and quotes
  • Export AR/AP txns : View transactions for AR/AP : option to export as a CSV file