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Release 5.2.100 May 21, 2024 barney

Includes Database changes you need to log all terminals out during processing.

Online payment processing reconciliation : this version of c9 tweaks how paypal and tillpay txns make their way through the general ledger. Funds now flow through a set of GL clearing codes 1-1410 : Payment Gateways Unallocated.

This change creates a separation between funds being captured and funds used to fund a sale. So on capturing funds from an online sale we now post DR into existing gateway code : 1-1041-xxxx, but we also post a CR into new code 1-1410-xxxx.  Then on invoicing we DR this new code to bring it back to zero.

Previously c9 would just DR the 1-1041-xxxx code and most of the time, as long as c9 was used way we liked it to be used what you capture and what you invoice are same so you could just reconcile off what you invoice. But there are some edge cases where things would not line up, like bailing out of creating a txn at a critical time and never redoing the operation.

Purpose of this change is two fold:

  • make reconciliation more robust in face of a couple of edge cases.
  • a new feature with tillpay processing is we can now capture and pre-auth automatically on website. This allows alignment card experience with what is commonly expected for online CC sales for consumers. This situation though will definitely create a delay between capture of funds and invoicing, so fund capture in this future scenario must be indirect to maintain ease of reconciliation

Other features / consequences of this change:

  • For existing historical web orders they will remain as is, a posting to original 1-1041-xxxx code only. But when installing this version if you touch sales in progress these will be, on demand, migrated to the new models. This approach is to allow smooth transition into this model without risking journal /reconciliation issues with trying to touch up very old txns.
  • unallocated web order transactions will report under the deposits held report
  • New codes report on the balance sheet
  •  impemented for Tillpay, Paypal Rest and Paypal NVP
  • Important: it is impossible for us to properly test Paypal NVP integration since Paypal have disabled ability to create NVP credentials for testing. It is strongly advised to no longer use NVP; since c9 cannot test it we cannot debug or support it any more. C9 screens make this even more obvious now. NVP will be forcefully disabled in a near future version of c9.

Other tweaks and fixes:

  • Some floorplan tracking bugs fixed:
    • Some floorplan modifications ,such as modifying or deleting a curtailment in a way that moves a floorplan from paid to unpaid or back would not log correctly in the database, resulting in issues with auto adjust process incorrectly posting an inappropriate result : which would usually clear up after you modify the unit but still would leave ugly resullts in accounting reconciliation report to deal with.  Now fixed.
    • Treat overpaid floorplans as unpaid : do not log a paid out event, in dealership units code /filter them as unpaid.  Previously would treat them as paid. This change will hopefully help detect errors with floorplan management where result behaviour is floorplan is flagged as overpaid
  • Subtle bugfix in processing final receival for paypal / tillpay. If auto invoice doesn't trigger and operator needs to trigger pickup manually, system would assume because balance outstanding is zero , no instrument is needed. So it clears instrument entirely and doesn't pop tillpay/paypal processing screen to void the preauth. Now fixed.
  • Tillpay integration
    • option to trigger a debit in case extend auth fails and the underlying txn was created with recurring
    • tweaks to cope with possibility of preauth arrived pre-captured too. To align with more common ecomm experience where goods are paid for at checkout. Requires setting on website to be enabled
  • Payroll.  New 24/25 tax tables
    • Linear equation tables as published mid May at
    • Super guarantee 11.5 for 24/25
    • Annual tables for following cross referenced with either .gov published sites or x-ref with above tables : resident, foreign, working holiday & STSL
  • WA paperwork changes.
    • Add new form 4 particulars
    • Add new form 5 defects
    • Note  : separate warranty forms you need to source and print yourself from WA Gov websites . Not bundled in c9 since nothing prints on them
  • Add/edit franchise : advanced tab option for web api filter. Used by a couple of different dealers
  • Freeform stocktake : stocking a part currently not stocked but on price file broken since last version. Now fixed.
  • Merge weborder : hide secure token alter alert if there is order being merged doesn't have a token.
  • In some shops, when is c9 left on login screen for a long time if you try to login it will fail but second login will succeed. The cause is a stale network disconnect is misinterpreted as login not found. Fixed by double checking a failed login test to give network connection a chance to re-establish if it is stale.
  • Point of Sale finish : hotkey invoice date to Alt+T, to allow keyboard only editing since inv date is no in normal keyboard tab list.
  • Browse dealer units : filter input will now also filter on rego/plate.
  • Gas Gas Magician : would not work if there was a space in franchise name "Gas Gas". Now fixed to match with or without