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Release 5.2.102 June 3, 2024 barney

There appear to be further build issues with v5.2.101.   If you goto biz activity and click on details for any txn involving AR/AP or deposits it will trigger an error. Even though problem was also obvious in AR/AP the exact issue was different from bug in 5.2.100 fixed in 5.2.101

Again problem is build system, not software code. Did a complete clean rebuild after a reboot / memory wipe. Seems to work fine now.

Update 4.6.24: detailed decompile analysis of version 99, 100, 101 and 102 show build process generated significantly different outputs for v100 and v101. v99 and v102 are the same for a key class.  Further analysis revealed an non deterministic issue with build process. The issue is now fully understand and expect it to not occur again.

more specifics : clarion->java interface autoboxing doesn't provide fine grained precedence for clarion to java type mapping; so java methods with different prototype signatures are considered functionally equivalent. So code written at java/clarion interface must enforce this contract. TxnItemType.get() and TxnLocationType.get() broke this contract : purely for purpose of automated regression testing and this break in contract on both these methods are responsible for problems in v5.2.100 and v5.2.101. Repaired using different method names.