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Release 5.2.103 June 4, 2024 barney

This version of c9 fixes a subtle defect introduced around / after December in 2023.

Sometimes when you process a receival with some sort of small -ve residual in tally of parts vs invoice total if you selected 'ignore difference' c9 would sometimes fail with a reconciliation then journal balance error.

But previously it worked fine. Further if you go and attempt to do work on previously recorded txns, such as relink them, then the relink would fail.

The core issue is how a fixed gst amount as amortized across multiple lines, with some of the change added to parts and some added to the inverted delta posting. As part of v5.3 alot of work has been done to make amortization of tax more sophisticated; but this introduced some undetected edge cases for a receival where tax invoice tally is slighty less than tally of parts and proscribed gst amount variation exceeds this value.

This version also formally codifies build fixes described in update section of below (v5.2.102) update