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Release 5.2.84 October 31, 2023 barney

Includes Database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade.

Ongoing payment gateway integration. Substantially ready now for prime time.  Some documentation will be coming soon that explains what it is all about. In a nutshell : use customer credit cards captured via c9 enabled website without ever looking at actual card numbers ; automatically processing card payments via a secure payment processor who store all the card details. End game being no need to handle or eyeball customer card numbers, less chargebacks and fraudulent txns for online sales.

  • Use recurring payment gateway tokens stored on contacts to trigger online card processing. Currently only works for spares point of sale txns
  • Web order processing : support 'use existing card' for payment gateway tokenized  cards.
  • View contact : ability to generate a new recurring card request token which sends a web address to customer for them to register their credit card.
  • New slot in dealer details to feed in exact c9 hosted website addr if it is different main dealer addr. Needed for above new functions

Tweaks and fixes

  • Contact email templates, under some circumstances email body messages from prior operations can influence later operations. For c9 we use c9 for our own billing and our last round of invoices ran into this exact problem where all email body's were not personalised, instead incorrectly referenced the same shop for everyone. Unlikely anyone else running c9 would run into this problem but took a heavy handed approach on fixing this to remove possibility of any sort of future issue
  • Another GL code added to track vehicle capital over LCT

Note: Last version of c9 flubbed version number increase. That version in c9 shows 5.2.82 when in fact it is really 5.2.83. So it is not easy to tell 5.2.82 from 5.2.83 in c9 itself. This one tags correctly as 5.2.84

Release 5.2.83 October 26, 2023 barney

Includes database changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

Small tweaks and fixes

  • Print statement from view transactions button broken. Caused by changes in prior version. Now working again
  • Sell parts direct to a unit : always create a new workshop job
  • Account comments; make comments box word wrap text
  • New GL Code : Equipment at Cost over Cost Limit.  To track cars purchased over LCT
  • Payment gateway integration
    • Initial, incomplete work on card tokenisation and recurring payment support : in english : ability to collect and handle credit car payments without actually handling card details. Customers securely input card details, and dealerships will never see full card numbers.
    • Track card payment tokens on contact records, synced on F7 import web order when recurring payment is selected
    • Future changes planned to support this (ETA version after this)
      • View token details in view contact / modify contact. Will query Tillpay for token info.
      • Use tokens to trigger automatic debits and refunds
      • Send a SMS / Email to a customer asking them to register their card for recurring payments, redirects to dealers website to input details
Release 5.2.82 October 19, 2023 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Email display names
    • ability to configure display names. So an email instead of coming from can now be sent as "Bike Shop X - Spares Department".
    • Alt email config is repurposed to help with setting a display name.  An alt email with no server name is for setting display name only
    • Rejigged the email/sms/magician screen a bit to separate concerns more cleanly into different tabs
  • Unit invoices : print middle name if set; to try and make finance providers happy
  • Quick SMS : make it visually obvious messages sent here are limited to 500 chars
  • bold text on statements to help better guide on things like bank detail changes
  • Supplier returns : on tagging a return for dispatch you can add an additional note which displays on screen. e.g. a processing ETA date provided by the rep.
  • Tweaks to newly added current timesheet screen
    • Add a legend for colour codes in play
    • Indicate break/idle name in the displayed box so you don't have to hover mouse to see what it is.
  • Paperwork tweaks
    • Victoria
      • Online Authority to register updated. Superficially no difference but colour coding looks like it was changed
      • Approved operations: latest form also has a slot for unit colour
      • NEW Primary Producer concession form
    • Queensland
      • Marine Registration form : updated to new form with superficial changes (new form changes print margins so pagination shifts)
Release 5.2.81 October 9, 2023 barney

Includes database changes, you need to log all terminals out to install this version

Payment gateway / Paypal integration changes

This version of c9 includes mechanisms to expand number of electronic payment gateways c9 can integrate into beyond just Paypal. Initial offering adds experimental integration into Till Payments online payment processor. This change introduces a number of changes to c9

  • GL code 1-1041 redefined to represent all payment gateway payment collection, not just paypal
  • Existing paypal postings rewritten to 1-1041-0001 : which is now dedicated paypal code
  • New code added 1-1041-0002 for Till Payments.
  • Integrated Till Payments processing for online orders.
  • Daily cash till no longer lets you count Paypal. Instead you need to reconcile via business -> Cash Rec
  • Bank Rec screens updated to include transfers from/to Paypal and Till payments.

PDF forms showing wacky colours

Have had some reports of opening some PDF registration forms and colours being out of whack.  The problem has been traced to a bug in Chrome / Edge itself with how it displays some PDF forms. If you open the PDF in adobe acrobat it is fine but if you open it in Chrome the colours can be incorrect for some users. We expect problem is how colour information is encoded in PDFs themselves and possibly there are implementation issues with Chrome as it is the only PDF viewer we know of that behaves this way with these documents, having tested a number of other different viewers.

Fortunately there is something we can do at our end to fix, by changing how PDF colour information is stored in these forms. But requires re-encoding PDF forms in c9. For this version the following forms have been re-encoded. As we learn of other forms which are problematic we will re-encode in future versions of c9:

  • Victoria (Shows purple instead of green)
    • Dealer online authority
  • Western Australia (shows red instead of blue)
    • MR9B - Transfer
    • VL17 - License
    • VL1A - Bulk License

Other tweaks and fixes

  • Added missing GL cost code for depreciation
  • (another) Bugfix with recent dealer unit screen changes : the open floorplan tab was not filtering results down to floorplans only. Now working again
  • P/L tab on workshop screens : suppress LabCost and Margin tally if there is any labcost and login user does not have payroll access
  • Browse journal : export journals.  Include both post and item reference in export.
  • AR/AP payments screen. Include some convenience buttons in aging groups to auto select amount to pay to pay off that aging figure. For pay and bill pay.
  • New workshop status screen : Todays Clocking.  Displays onscreen output similar to clocking report, refreshes automatically. Serves as a 'scheduler-lite' type screen. Less capable than scheduler but easier to drive since it drives 100% from clocking activity only.
  • Add Contact : Default salutation to empty. A future version of c9 will try to remove it entirely once all functional entanglements are removed
  • Unit invoice print : option to forcefully suppress duplicate; to make finance companies a little happier