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Release 5.2.95 February 22, 2024 barney

Tweaks and fixes

  • Payout / Add Floorplan : disallow access to this screen if underlying unit is not on floorplan. Was possible to open this screen on a used unit for example and force in a trust receipt. Also disallow clearing out the TR as this has other functional impacts.
  • Remote Support : updated version of Anydesk bundled with c9 as anydesk have advised us existing version will shortly no longer work. Website static links already updated
  • Receive parts : print invoice $ tallies to help out with loose, manual data entry processes on receive not matching what backoffice needs to track
  • Floorplan report : newly added sort by TR date option was implemented incorrectly. With this mode selected units would duplicate on report. Now fixed.
  • Magician updates

    • Removed MCS as MCS web changes make magician query impossible
    • Removed Fox Racing as Fox Racing web changes make magician query impossible
  • Workshop pricing tools: add option to price at retail + X%
  • Unit purchase: on costs tab show some unit particulars which might need to be transferred into liability lines added for encumbered purchases
  • Unit Sale Tax Invoices : for invoices with multiple units and on road costs, prefix the on road cost entries so it is obvious which cost is for which unit
  • General Ledger:  Added some additional capital asset codes to fine tune management of capital assets
  • Remittance advise: bottom of invoices is remit advise. Recent changes restructured how this is handled. A bug in code was pumping non-functional errors into application logs. Didn't cause any issues for c9 but made application log files messy. Now tidied.
  • Bulk Payment : option to print selected txns.
  • Web forms: option to configure a recipient target. So different forms goto different web addresses. e.g. 'service' or 'sales' etc.
Release 5.2.94 February 6, 2024 barney

Minor bug fixes

  • Regression fix with surcharging. Last version made some heavy changes on surcharging.  For payment methods with a minspend triggered surcharge the minspend trigger was broken. The txns under minspend, payment screen would pop and correctly would not request surcharge but when you press F10 to continue the system incorrectly thought surcharge was needed, not yet inputted and would pop surcharge screen. Now fixed
  • SMS Sender ID setting, first real attempt to use this today didn't work. The default declaration message was not exactly correct message needed by our provider. It was fine for our internal testing since we were registering sender IDs relevant for c9, but no good for dealers where declaration needed to be worded slightly differently. Hopefully now fixed.


Release 5.2.93 February 4, 2024 barney
  • Surcharge configuration : allow tillpay and paypal gateways to have their own surcharge settings
  • General Ledger : add a maximize button on window
  • Unit recall : previously new unit would always apply unit service reminder recall on sale no matter what unit type was set to. Now you can set service type reminder to -1 and it will also apply for new unit sales allowing you to completely disable reminders on certain types of units
  • bugfix with workshop job label : when accessed from modify job screen not all unit details might print (e.g. unit plate). Now fixed
  • Couple of bug fixes with recent invoice to / reg owner changes to unit invoices. Reg owner would not properly regenerate some details, address line and phone contact details and could instead reprint details of invoice to contact. Now tidied.
  • bank remit details option for account name. To access goto setup -> other settings -> dealership details

Note: because of a versioning / release error no public v5.2.92 was created