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Release 5.2.88 December 13, 2023 barney

Two regression defects in this mornings new version of c9. Now fixed:

  • Contact details no longer printing on order receive sheets.
  • Spare Profit report : order by Understock (N/C) wasn't working.
Release 5.2.87 December 11, 2023 barney

Tweak and fixes

  • Neto order sync : tweak integration to sync based on updated date, not placed date. The theory is updated date in neto is not strictly date order enters the system and some processes within neto are backdating this field, so c9 skips importing these records. Using updated date as a filter will hopefully improve visibility of orders for syncing
  • Current floorplan report : add a sort by TR Date option
  • Spares Profit/sales report : option to filter for a specific customer
  • Bugfix with cogs journalling on units. Modifying a factory purchase unit subsequently sold needs to forward propagate cogs change to the sale posting; but if the sale also includes cogs from parts then these will be incorrectly rewritten too. now fixed.
  • Workshop profit / sales report : option to filter report based on selected location
  • Contacts : only allow login with 'accounts' or 'admin' permission to modify an account code once set.
  • Payroll leave records: include a calculator to convert a decimal hours figure into hh:mm figure leave screen requires. e.g. will convert 4.75  as a decimal into 4:45 as hh:mm
  • Print receive sheet slips. Clearly indicate for workshop and deal slips jobs / deals which are finished / completed.
  • NSW paperwork - update registration form C to most recent version.