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Release 5.2.104 June 26, 2024 barney

Include DB Changes. You need to log all terminals out during upgrade

  • Tillpayments refinements and tweaks
    • bank rec : Tweak output to make it easier yo reconcile paypal / tillpay captures. Recent introduction of gateway clearing GL codes made it difficult in reconcile screen to match a payment to a txn in c9. Now sorted.
    • Disable INCAUTH as it is problematic for some bank issuers : like CBA. Only support DEBIT
    • DEBIT : change indicator for debit : from recurring to merchant initiated
    • Bugfix with terminal config. Live/standbox toggle wasn't working correctly
    • Cancel web order : auto pop tillpay / paypal to manage refund / void
  • Suzuki Magician Check : reimplemented using a new system provided by Suzuki . MFA no longer required
  • Statement penalties / discounts : not automatically applying after elapsed delay. Broken since migration to v5.2 . Now repaired.
  • WA paperwork : couple of years ago incorrectly switched MR9B form for MR9.  Switched back in this version.
  • unit deal : substitute unit with blank : would not clear model year. Now fixed.
  • Workshop benchmarking - completely removed. Instead report accuracy of job effort on jobs vs charged labour. Affects staff and profit report
  • SMS Reply Alerts - add ability to configure a courtesy alert email to send an email when there are unread SMS replies to review. Alert is only sent with first unread sms to come in. Subsequent unread replies will not trigger fresh emails
  • Workshop profit - option to filter report by a specific mechanic who is involved in the job. Filters down to only jobs associated with selected tech : be it scheduled, or charged or clocked
  • Modify Ar/AP payment bugfix : if you modify payment such that it reverses direction of the txn; from money leaving (e.g. pay bill) to money coming in (e.g. collect money to pay bill), the txn will fail with a journal error bc it would force the direction change on modify. Now fixed.
  • Receive spares
    • Some txn combinations where GST is set to or near zero fail with a journal balance error. Root cause is a subtle bug with how GST is amortised across multiple lines and default rounding strategy.
    • When receival GST is zero, do not force GST to zero, instead change Tax Code to EXPENSE_FREE
  • Other Misc tweaks
    • When reciving into stock a part for first time where auto stock take is in play, c9 would not update the last stocktake date and leave it blank. (Subsequent receivals would then fix it up). Now fixed so initial add to stock also performs an auto stocktake
    • Daily SMS templates : make them bigger in configuration
    • Job invoices : print claim number on insurance jobs without a unit (previously would only print if a unit was also assigned to the job)
    • AP Bill + Pay. Write the reference into both bill and pay lines.
    • Paypal void pre-auth. Looks like paypal auto voids preauth on full capture so do not trigger void. Previously with recent fix in last version paypal screen would pop to finalise an ordder and will nag void attempt failure.